Big Owl's Bath the ninth episode of the third season.


One windy day Tiger was on his way to Kipper's house Kipper was having pudding when he dropped Big Owl. Meanwhile Tiger was having trouble in the wind when it blew his hat off and in the mud. At Kipper's he was washing Big Owl when Tiger came he showed him his muddy hat, Kipper suggested it can go with Big Owl. When their things were in Tiger said they should get some more things. Tiger asked Kipper if he always wash his blanket and Slipper saying he's dirty, once everything was in Kipper thought they should go in they had fun fighting each other. Then they went outside to let their things dry (however Tiger used 6 pins so Kipper had to take one off Rabbit and stick on Big Owl's foot) and went inside. While Kipper was about finish the tower Tiger said it would fall, but Kipper thought it wouldn't but it did. When Tiger & Kipper went to see if their stuff was dry yet they saw Sock Thing fly away,then Slipper, Mr. Snake, and Rabbit! Tiger came to help and caught Sock Thing and Mr. Snake Kipper caught Rabbit Slipper though was up on a branch Kipper pushed Slipper right on Tiger's ear. Then Big Owl began to fall but Kipper saved him,then Kipper's blanket flew away to the pond! Tiger said it smelled awful when Tiger tuke 5 pins out Kipper was surprised no wonder his toys flew away. Then Tiger's hat fell in the mud again they laughed as they went to wash them.


  • Kipper the Dog
  • Tiger


  • When Sock Thing flew away the world was white.
  • The wind was heard but there were no dark clouds.

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