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Buried Treasure is the fifth episode of Season 6 it aired on October 26, 2000.


Kipper and Tiger are drinking from juice boxes on a bench at the park waiting for Jake. When Jake comes, he says that he has a surprise for Kipper. Kipper and Tiger try to find the missing "treasure" with instructions from Jake by looking for pieces of paper that say to look somewhere. Kipper and Tiger find clues on the bridge, the duck pond and in a tree. They realize a box of cookies under the bench and they save some for Jake. Jake admits that the treasure hunt was a game for Kipper's birthday but Kipper says that his birthday is not in seven weeks and three days. Jake, who is disappointed by this, asks if he can play the game again with them on Kipper's real birthday and they eat their cake and Kipper feeds the ducks at the pond. And Tiger asks "What about my birthday?".


  • In the beginning of the episode, the tin with fudge inside it can be seen under the bench that Kipper and Tiger are sitting on. However, Kipper and Tiger do not seem to notice and Jake acts as if he had never planned the treasure hunt nor the surprise. How could they have not noticed?
  • Surely the ducks would have gotten sick or poisoned by the chocolate that Kipper gave them because chocolate is bad for ducks.
  • Pig and Arnold do not appear in this episode.
  • Even though Jake is one of Kippers best friends he shoudn't forget his birthday.
  • Besides the ducks ate chocolate Kipper and Tiger would have died,to, because in real life, chocolate is toxic to dogs.
George Crying (Peppa Pig)
This episode got banned, the reason was: Kipper and Tiger kissing was found inappropriate.

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