Kipper,Pig,and Arnold went to the park and Kipper and Pig were looking in at clouds,like pillows and kangaroos then Kipper said one looks like Big Owl. Pig soon fell asleep Arnold gave Kipper a dandelion and promised to keep it safe. Then Kipper saw a rainbow appear but Pig was still asleep then Arnold climbed on the rainbow and Kipper followed. Once in the clouds Arnold was face-to-face with a rabbit made of clouds. Later Kipper caught up when the rainbow disappeared and to find Arnold in the clouds. Arnold on the other hand was having fun with his cloud friends they went to sit and watch and saw Kipper,but he didn't see them. Later Arnold had fun and rabbit disappeared then a boat and Arnold took a ride. Kipper though wasn't having much luck finding Arnold when he saw him on the boat then a cloud train appeared and Kipper chased after Arnold and his boat. Soon Kipper caught up with him until the boat and train vanished and it was going to rain and Kipper and Arnold started falling! Later Pig was still asleep when he saw Kipper and Arnold fall on him. Pig was upset they jumped on him Kipper wanted to tell the adventure he and Arnold had on the way home. Pig was still upset about their reaction,but Kipper was saying it was an amazing adventure but Pig didn't believe it,but Kipper said it was TRUE.


In real life you can't walk on a rainbow

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