Curious George is a little monkey who lives with his friend, [the man in the yellow hat]. George is very eager to find out what his neighbors are up to, and he roams around through, scurries, and dashes through. He is voiced by Frank Welker in U.S. and Jordan M. Fenton in UK. He always comes with the man with the yellow hat, because he is very curious. George means to be very [curious] after all. But not his curiosity is bad, it helps him stay with the man with the yellow hat. The original story of him was published and written in 1941. [Margret Rey], [H. A. Rey], [Houghton Mifflin Harcourt], [Old 1011], and the original series, [Kids Klassics] made the books of Curious George. Some of them did not have the man in the yellow hat, but they are adventurous and fun.

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