Kipper is looking out the window when Jake arrived he had a bird named Fluff. Kipper and Jake sat and watched Fluff ring his bell, Jake said he does that when he's hungry. Jake said he eats sunflower seeds and cornflakes Kipper gave Fluff cornflakes. Kipper fed Fluff Jake asked Kipper he'd like to hold him Kipper liked to. Pig then arrived he Kipper and Fluff on his head, but then Fluff started to fly away and Pig made him fly off the window. Jake felt sad and cried but Pig and Kipper said they'll help find him. Jake thought they'll never find him,Kipper decided they should split up: Pig to the duck pond, Kipper to the swings, and Jake back to Kipper's. Kipper searched for Fluff on the slide and swing then he noticed the swing squeaked but it was Fluff. Pig arrived and Kipper said if Pig sat on the swing he could climb on his back they tried but Pig didn't like it Kipper got Fluff but they fell off the swing. When they got back Jake said Fluff came back, but Kipper, Pig, and Jake didn't know what bird it is Kipper decided to call the bird Squeak Kipper was now holding both Fluff and Squeak.

Jake's Bird06:08

Jake's Bird

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Kipper Киппер 64 Jakes Bird07:36

Kipper Киппер 64 Jakes Bird

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