Kipper The Dog Music Video - That's What Friends Do00:32

Kipper The Dog Music Video - That's What Friends Do

Kipper the Dog





Voiced by

Martin Clunes

First Appearance

The Visitor

Kipper the Dog is an orange dog that is the main protagonist of the Kipper The Dog series. He comes from London, England, like many of his friends. He appears to be a Goldador (a mix of Labrador and Golden retriever). He speaks in a soft English-accented voice. He is voiced by Martin Clunes. Kipper The Dog is like Tad from "Ribbits!". Kipper is jumping in episodes of The Rainbow Puddle, The Dinosaur, Water, Water Everwhere, and Amazing Discoveries trailer from Wiggly Safari.


He is a warm-hearted puppy with a soft English-accented voice that appeared in every single episode. (since he is the main character) His best friend is Tiger and has other friends. He also has many adventures with his friends. He loves biscuits. And sandwiches. He is very attached to his toys and home.


Death Count Edit

  1. The Camping Trip (off screen)

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