Kipper is Unwell is the ninth episode of the second season.


Everyone thinks Kipper is sick because of his red spots on his face from accident while painting a rocket when he was painting earlier. Kipper is painting with his paints, and he decides to put red spots on his head as a trick for being sick. Kipper goes outside and he meets Jake at the park, Jake says that Kipper looks strange, and he thinks that he has chicken pox. Kipper then meets Pig and Arnold by the swings, Pig runs away from Kipper when he sees him and says that he looks like a monster. Kipper tries to confess that it was a trick, but rain starts pouring on him and the red paint dots melt away from his head, and Kipper goes back home to put blue spots on his head, so people will think that it is just a trick. Kipper then meets Tiger at his house, Tiger laughs at the blue chicken pox, but the blue paint stains don't stay on for long.

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Kipper the Dog Kipper Is Unwell YouTube 2

Kipper the Dog Kipper Is Unwell YouTube 2


  • Stock footage from The Butterfly and close-up stock footage from Pig's Cousin is used.
    • You can see that the stock footage is mirrored, as you can see Pig swinging on the swings and the same face he is wearing is from that episode.


  • Like Tiger and Pig, Jake is not introduced properly in this episode.
  • When Kipper reaches Tiger's house, no rain is falling.