Kipper is finishing his book about wonder dog. Kipper decides he can Kipper the super dog and save the world. Kipper made him a super dog costume and a super car for his bike. Jake is playing with his kitten when Kipper came he showed Jake his super car, and Jake showed him his kitten and said his name is Kitten. Kipper said if he needed any saving but he didn't. Jake said he can stoke Kitten then Kipper said he had to save the world. At Big Hill Pig told Arnold there's no wind to fly his kite. Kipper then arrived honking his horn Kipper asked Arnold if he needs rescuing Pig said there's no wind. Kipper said he can help but then he let it get stuck in the tree, & then he let the string snap, then he thought he heard Tiger in trouble and left. At the lake Tiger was fishing when Kipper picked him up, Tiger was upset that he lost his first fish Kipper felt bad that he messed things up. Just then they saw Kitten on a stick then Jake, Pig, and Arnold came and Jake told them Kitten fell into the stream, Tiger and Jake tried but missed Kipper then had an idea, he got his blanket and Kitten jumped on Pig cheered on Kipper and Kipper the super dog and Tiger said 'The Mighty Tiger' everyone laughed. Tiger said that he can do anything so Pig said he can get Arnold's kite out of the tree but Tiger didn't know which tree was quite high he said it was not like that one.


This episode marks Jake's final appearance.