Pig's Cousin
Season 1, Episode 10
Air date November 6, 1997
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Pig's Cousin is the tenth episode of the first season.


Kipper and Pig take Pig's cousin Arnold to the park, but all Arnold wants to do is feed the ducks at the duck pond, which Pig finds boring. Pig takes Arnold to the swings, and he and Kipper have a race about who swings higher, then Kipper pushes Arnold on the swings and he swings higher. Next, they play on the seesaw up and down the they slide and they fly the kite so fast that is causes the stroller too go fast down the hill onto a sliding causing Arnold to fly away. They find Arnold and they have lunch at the duck pond and Arnold throws his lunch to the ducks.

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Kipper - S01E10 - Pig's Cousin

Kipper - S01E10 - Pig's Cousin


  • This is the first time Arnold speaks.
  • Arnold is introduced in this episode.
  • When Arnold throws bread crumbs to the ducks, he says "Duck", this is one of the episodes where Arnold speaks.
  • Second episode where Pig appears without Tiger. (The Butterfly)


  • When Kipper, Pig and Arnold goes to the park, the sky is gray, the meaning that it was not a good day to go to the park or feed the ducks.