Pig's Shop is a Season 5 episode, it aired on February 17, 2000.


Pig opens a candy shop, he and Arnold can't resist eating all the candies, Kipper comes by and helps pig but he Tiger and Jake don't know what sweets to choose so Pig gives them a free tasting but Kipper hasen't got any money hes supposed to play with Tiger Kipper says he'll get loads of conkers instead in return for a gobstopper when Tiger comes he gets loads of conkers and gets a gobstopper.  So Pig does not need any from Kipper Tiger tricks Kipper in having a champion conker but Pig and Arnold get tired and sick from eating too much and working too hard and hiting the till and its hard to serve Jake. Tiger is upset when Pig tells Kipper the champion conker was just a gobstopper and the mystery is solved Kipper does the shop and gives Tiger a sugar heart. 

Featured CharactersEdit


  • A conker may be similar to a bullseye, a type of british candy that is black and white.
  • Tiger says "Can I have a bag of sweeties?" in this episode, he next mentions "Can I have a sweetie?" in the episode Skates for being brave.


  • Like Tiger, Pig isn't introduced properly.
  • When Arnold was having candy, Pig saw him and puts his hand out.
  • When Arnold's hand was holded by Pig, it turns upside down!

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