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  • The Holiday is a Season 1 episode, it aired on October 1, 1999.


Kipper and Tiger are planning to go to the seaside, but Kipper wants to pack a lot of things in his suitcase. But Tiger suggests that Kipper should only pack a good book, but they go anyway. Tiger wants to read his book on his beach chair, but Kipper wants to build a sandcastle, Kipper builds a sandcastle, but Tiger wants Kipper to be more quiet. So Kipper moves further down the beach to build sandcastles, but he wants to play in the water instead. Kipper plays with his ball, while he drops it, it moves away from him when he tries to pick it up. Kipper sees a seal is moving the ball, so he decides to play with the seal. He urges Tiger to see the seal, but Tiger wants a plain vanilla ice cream, Kipper gets an ice cream with chocolate sauce, but then he drops the ice cream on Tiger's sunglasses. Tiger goes for a wash in the sea, then he sees the seal playing with the ball, Tiger has lots of fun with the seal and he knocks over the beach chair. Kipper and Tiger laugh together and they go out to the water with the seal.

Characters FeaturedEdit


  • Stock footage from The Seaside is used.
  • The book that Tiger is reading is called "The Purple Dragon Who Sneezed".


  • The ice cream on Tiger's eyeglasses disappears and reappears between shots of his face while he is playing in the water.

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