The Jumble Sale is third episode of the fifth season, it aired on February 3, 2000.


Kipper, Tiger and Pig go to a jumble sale, and Pig makes Kipper give away all his old things to the sale. Unfortunately, Kipper does not have any things from his closets, but Tiger decides to sell old things from his closets and Kipper is surprised with lots of new presents to stuff his closets with again.

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  • Sales are normally called jumble sales in the UK, which is why they called this episode "The Jumble Sale".
  • When Kipper is reading a magazine he mentions someone is covered in chocolate which is a reference to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where Augustus Gloop falls in the chocolate river.


  • Nobody was running the jumble sale.
  • Why would Pig tell Kipper to sell his old stuff when he was already planning to?
  • When Kipper leaves his house to go to the jumble sale, he leaves the closet door open.