The Key is a Season 5 episode, it came out on April 13, 2000. It is the Season 5 finale.


Mouse is playing with Kipper and Kipper gets a new toy mechanical mouse. Kipper and the toy mouse have lots of fun, and Mouse thinks that Kipper likes the new toy mouse better and becomes jealous. So Mouse decides to get rid of it and she wants to tell Kipper how much she dislikes it. One day, Kipper is playing with the mechanical toy mouse and Mouse finds a key to stop the mouse. When Kipper goes to bed one night, Mouse gets her revenge and she finds ways to shut the toy down with a key, but when Mouse gets stuck inbetween two tight spaces, Kipper turns the toy mouse on and it pushes Mouse out of trouble. Then, Kipper tells Mouse how useful the Toy Mouse can be and they each play with it.

Characters FeaturedEdit


  • This is the first appearance of the toy mouse
  • A blue slipper can be seen.
  • This marks the final episode of Season 1.


  • The toy mouse does not have a tail.
  • How could the toy mouse push Mouse out of the tight space?

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