The Long Walk is the twelfth episode of Season 3.

Plot Edit

Kipper and Tiger are going for a long walk in the woods and Tiger has just gotten a brand new red waterproof coat.

Tiger gets stuck on the fence, then they see a very old sad and smelly scarecrow.

Later, they eat lunch on the fence wondering how far they are.

Tiger says they should look at the map but the problem is that they had the map upside down and just as they turn it the right side up the wind blows it away and blows them off the fence.

Kipper thought going for a long walk wasn't a good idea, but Tiger says they still have the compass.

Tiger thought they should go through the field but Kipper wasn't sure.

When they come upon a bull they run as fast as they can until Kipper notices the bull is chasing Tiger's red coat.

Tiger takes it off but the bull messes it up.

Now Kipper and Tiger have to find their way back home they see a Windmill but the miller isn't there.

Tiger and Kipper then got a ride on the windmill in the rain but Tiger said he saw Kipper's house over the hill.

Kipper and Tiger soon took a bath after their adventure and Tiger's coat was given to the scarecrow who was very happy.