The Magic Lamp is the eleventh episode of the second season.


Kipper finds a bicycle headlight that grants every wish Kipper and Tiger make. While putting up some wallpaper, they discover a very high staircase and climb it, eventually leading up to a endless roller coaster which Kipper calls the "Biggest, Highest, Longest, Scariest Big Dipper in the Whole World". They ride it toward a small a planet where a dragon lives, and nearly risk their lives to escape its fiery breath.

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Kipper the Dog - The Magic Lamp

Kipper the Dog - The Magic Lamp

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  • The scene where Kipper and Tiger encounter the dragon when on the "planet" was panned by parents when reviewing the Imagine That! video/DVD, saying that it has caused "sleepless nights", children having nightmares about dragons, etc.

Fixed Goofs/GoofsEdit

  • Kipper and Tiger are walking up the stairs. When Tiger wishes it wasn't so dark, they turn from light brown to dark brown, with their base vanishing maybe. But when Kipper wishes the stairs would end, they turn light brown again. Also in the same shot, a extra stair appears at certain points.
  • When Kipper and Tiger are going up the stairs, Tiger says he wishes it wasn’t so dark and it becomes less dark, but when he wished he was not holding the lamp.
  • The planet that Kipper and Tiger went had air, though there was no visible atmosphere to trap the air in.
  • There are a few instances where the characters' pupils clip through their eyelids. These include:
    • Kipper when he tells Tiger to be quiet.
    • Tiger when his eyes are in closeup.
  • One shot shows Tiger clipping through the wall.
  • One shot shows Tiger's apron clips through his body.
  • There's an inconsistent background shot when Kipper and Tiger were talking without any movement.
  • The roller coaster's wheels are shown flying in one shot.
  • One shadow renders too late.