[Music Playing]

[Thunder Crashing]




[Mirror Squeak]



[Water Splashing]

Uhh Nope Is Not There Nothing There Ever




What A Mess

[Squeak] Morning Hippo

Good Morning sock thing and good morning To you too Big Owl

And Slipper

Ooh The Floor It All Wet
and the basins still full [Water Draining] I Wonder How That

That Goes There {Brushing] Ugh PPTTT Ugh Soap My Toothbrush

Tastes Of Soap Soap ON A Toothbrush That Odd
{Music Playing] Uhh UHh Ah Ow
{Crunch] [Chewing Noise]

Uhh [Panting] Uhh Uhh {Sighs] [Yawns]

Mm IM Really Hungry Oh That Fun There No Left But It Was Full Yesterday Ah Hah I Wonder That Goes it Seems to Stop At My

Toy Box Im Sure That I Tidy You Up [Squeak]

Look It That Someone Made a Hole In My Toy Box Hello Hello Do You Mind Im Trying To Get Some Sleep [Knock] Yes Uhm
Hello Uhm Well You See

This Is My Box My Toy box Where I Put My Toys So It Was You Who Ate All My Corn Flakes Don't

Be Silly I Didn't Eat All Of Them How Could I Eat All Of Them There All The Rest Then Where

Are They here They are and very Comfortable Layout Oh That For Very cosy But You Cant Just

Take My Corn Flakes To Use The Bed You cant Throw My Toys On The Floor And Make A Hole

My Toy Box Or Put Soap On My Toothbrush Do you Like MY Picture What My picture Did you

Like My Picture Oh The Picture Of the Mouse ON The Mirror That Was You Yeah It was

Very Good Actually can I Have A Bite What Yes Here You Are That Nice What Is it

It Peanut Butter It Lovely isn't Thin Butter On Toast Toast You Never Had Toast Oh

You Love Toast Everyone Likes Toast Come On [Yawns] [Light Off] Sleepy Time Good

Night Mouse {sighs] Good Night Kipper The End For 2005 Kipper credits Omation logo Klasky Csupo robot logo and hit enter logo

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