The Rainbow Puddle is the sixth episode of the first season.


Kipper is jumping in the puddles on a rainy day, and he sees a rainbow next to a puddle, and he finds a magic frog in a puddle. But the frog keeps on jumping away from Kipper's hand, Kipper wishes that he could catch the frog, and he wishes that he didn't have to kiss it. Then, the magic frog says Kipper's wishes are too small and Kipper says that magic things are when big things happen, the magic frog shows Kipper and they end up on the top of an elephant. The elephant drinks up the puddle, then the frog starts crying and moping, Kipper decides to use the last wish, he whispers the wish to the elephant and Kipper kisses the frog, then the puddle appears again and the frog has his puddle back again.

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Kipper the dog - The Rainbow Puddle

Kipper the dog - The Rainbow Puddle


  • The frog is introduced in this episode, even though in the theme song, he has made a cameo when the singer says "Now that's a frog."


  • It is unlikely that the 🐘 would understand what Kipper was whispering to him because 🐘s cannot speak.
  • In real life, Kipper surely would have gotten sick if he had kissed a 🐸.
  • Why would a 🐸 fit in a puddle?
  • The 🐘 splashes water into the sky and it forms rain just the magic 🐸 starts blubbering, but real life, an 🐘 would not be able to splash out rain from its trunk in real life.
  • In real life, a puddle wouldn't end a 🌈, nor 🌈s don't have an end.
  • In real life, a 🐸 wouldn't talk, nor give wishes.
  • Magic isn't real.
  • You can't touch or walk up to a 🌈 in real life.
  • You need 🌞light to make a 🌈.
  • A puddle needs a hole, not the solid ground, or there would be no puddle.
  • Wishes don't come true all the time.
  • It won't rain in real life RIGHT after you make a wish.