The River Trip is the eighth episode of the sixth season.

Plot Edit

Kipper, Tiger, and Jake go on a rowboat trip down a brook. They stop on the shore for lunch and tie the boat to a tree. But the rope isn't secure and the boat frees itself from the tree, unknown to Kipper, Tiger, and Jake. After being woken up by a fly, they see that the boat is gone. Jake then sees a familiar area in the distance and walks towards it. When he arrives at the area, he sees that they have not gone far from where they started and wonders how this could be. Jake then sees the boat heading towards the bridge and calls out to Kipper and Tiger. The three see that they have to catch the boat before it goes out further out along the brook. Kipper and Tiger try to reach the boat, but it is far and the boat goes under the bridge. Jake grabs one of the oars and catches the boat on it's rope. Kipper and Tiger congratulate Jake for stopping the boat. Tiger then rows the boats for a little while, but then falls backwards. The three friends then all laugh.

Featured Characters Edit