The Screensaver

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Featured Character(s)

Kipper, Tiger, Pig, and Jake

Release Date (UK)

February 12, 2002


8 minutes

The Screensaver
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date February 12, 2002
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QThe Screensaver is a episode that was released on February 12, 2002. Edit


  • (Tiger opens the door)
  • Tiger: Hello, Kipper! What are you doing?
  • Kipper: My old screen saver is broken!
  • Tiger: Oh my gosh!
  • (Kipper's old computer screen saver explodes causing the computer to have the Blue Screen of Death)
  • (Alarm and computer error sounds)
  • Female Computer Voice: WARNING! Your old computer screensaver has been destroyed, causing the whole computer to have the Blue Screen of Death and it will self destruct in 3... 2... 1! Have a nice day.
  • (The computer explodes)
  • Kipper: (cries) Oh, dear!
  • Tiger: What's the matter?
  • Kipper: I had to buy a new computer and a new screen saver.
  • Tiger: That's a great idea! Let's get it!
  • (Kipper and Tiger leave and close the door)
  • (Shows title card: "Later at the computer store...")
  • (Kipper and Tiger go to the computer store)
  • Kipper and Tiger: Wow!
  • Kipper: All right, what should we get? A new computer like the new one called an iMac!
  • Tiger: No, you can't get an iMac! It costs £69.35.
  • Kipper: This one looks cool, it's a laptop, which I called it, the Dell Inspiron 6000 Laptop, which has an Intel Pentium 4 processor, and the new Windows XP operating system.
  • Tiger: No, Kipper! That's worse; it costs £107.87.
  • Kipper: But that new Acer TravelMate P633-M is lookin' good!
  • Tiger: (jealous) No! It costs £380.31.
  • Kipper: Okay fine, we've have to find some more computers.
  • (Shows title card: "A few moments later...")
  • Kipper: There it is!
  • (Shows HP NC6000 on the table)
  • Kipper: (off-screen) It's the new HP NC6000, and it only costs £385.25! We'll take it!
  • (Shows title card: "Back at Kipper's house...")
  • Tiger: Now we have to buy a new screensaver for your new laptop, Kipper.
  • (Kipper turns on the HP NC6000, and right click the background, and left clicked on the "Personalize" button)
  • Kipper: Wow!
  • (Pig opens door with Arnold)
  • Pig: What are you doing, Kipper?
  • Tiger: He's setting up his new computer.
  • Arnold: Computer!
  • Pig: Well actually that reminds me, we have to go so goodbye!
  • (Computer Startup Sounds)
  • Kipper: Look -- I can buy a screensaver online!
  • Tiger: That's very clever!
  • (Doorbell noise)
  • Kipper: It's the screensaver!
  • (Kipper inserts CD into computer)
  • (Computer beep)
  • (Jake appears on computer screen)
  • Jake: Hello!
  • Kipper; What are you doing on my computer?
  • Jake: Doing a video chat with you.
  • Kipper: Wait, there are pictures already on the computer!
  • (Computer shows the picture of Kipper and Tiger next to the empty bowl of water)
  • Tiger: That's when we had our hedgehog watch!
  • Kipper: Oh yeah!
  • Jake: What are you doing?
  • Kipper: Oh sorry Jake, we got carried away with this new computer.
  • Jake: That's nice, I have the Acer TravelMate P633-M.
  • Tiger: How on earth did you afford that?
  • Jake: Pig lended me his cash register and I bargained with the cashier.
  • Kipper: Who's the cashier?
  • Jake: Well, me.
  • Tiger: Well that must've been easy.
  • Kipper: How about 256 Colour setting!
  • (Doorbell rings)
  • Pig: We are back! We updated our screensaver.
  • Kipper: We just got 256 colours!
  • Arnold: Colour!
  • Pig: I'm terribly sorry but I just remembered something I have to do.
  • Tiger: Again?
  • Jake: So what is-
  • (Doorbell rings)
  • Pig: We just got 256 colours!
  • Kipper: would you care for some biscuits?
  • Pig: I sure would!
  • Tiger: Try to record Jake's video.
  • (Kipper types on his computer rapidly and his power goes out)
  • Kipper: Oh dear, I must have blown a fuse!
  • Arnold: Ja-ke?
  • Kipper: Oh well, fancy going down to the fusebox Pig?
  • (They fix the computer)
  • Kipper: Lets watch some TV on the computer.

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