(The opening starts with Night .) Sun Sea And Snow

Narrator It Is Bedtime For Kipper And Tiger

Jake Tomorrow We Are Going A Coach Trip To The Seaside

Kipper We can Make Sandcastle

Pig Find Ice Cream And Seaside

Jake Me Too The Weather Forecast Is Going To be Snowing

Pig Good Night Kipper Good Night Tiger

[Light Off]

Narrator Oh It Starting To Snow

[Rooster Crows]

Narrator It Is Morning

Kipper Yippee! It Sunny [Gasps] Snow!

Narrator A Lot Of Snow IS Falling At Night

Kipper Snow Pig Snow Jake Snow Snow Snow

Jake Hey What

Kipper We Are Going to The Seaside Are We

Jake Well Let See How Much Snow There Is

Kipper Oh Where Jake Gone It A Walking Snowman


Kipper Oh Is Just Jake

Pig Poor Jake Let Warm Me A Bit

Narrator Pig And Kipper And Tiger Are Warm Up by Rubbing With The Towels

Jake That Better

Kipper Now We Can Go To The Seaside

Pig But What About The Snow I Don't Think The Coach Will Be Running Today

Kipper Oh

Peanut Big Top Hi Were Lalaloopsy Were Going A Holiday

Narrator Ms Rabbit Coach His A Ride Kipper House We Got Lalaloopsy Strawberry Shortcake Sofia The First Barney And Mickey Mouse

Pig Good Day How You To Get In The Snow

Ms Rabbit With The Biggest Snow

Narrator Biggset Snow Has Pull Over

Kipper Hello Everyone

All Hello Kipper The Dog

Narrator Jewel Sparkles Mitten Fluff N Stuff Peanut Big Top Spot Splatter Splash Strawberry Ginger Snap Angel Cake Orange Blosson Sofia Amber James Barney Baby Bop Mickey Mouse Minnie Donald Goofy And Daisy

Ms Rabbit Next Stop The Seaside

All Hooray

Narrator Mr Bull Is To Build

Ms Rabbit Hello Mr Bull

Mr Bull Hello Ms Rabbit It Going To The Seaside

Ms Rabbit Yes Where Going To The Seaside Would You Like To Go

Mr Bull No Thanks Ms Rabbit We Can dig

All Goodbye Mr Bull

Mr Bull Bye Have A Fun Day At The Beach

[Everyone Singing The Seaside]

Ms Rabbit There We Are At The Seaside

Narrator But The Beach Is Cover With Snow

Kipper Oh The Beach Is Cold

Peanut Big Top I Have To Swim

Jewel Sparkle Yeah We Share

Peanut Big Top Come On Pig What Are Waiting For

Ms Rabbit Oh I Can Swim I Frozen My Feet

Orange Blosson And I Have A Cough [Coughing]

Peanut Big Top Come On Pig It Cold On The Beach

Pig Are You Sure

Peanut Big Top Sure Pig Come On

Pig Ok

Narrator Pig Are Going Swimming

Pig Oh Brrrrrrrrrr!

Kipper Is It Cold Pig

Pig It A Little Bit Cold

Ms Rabbit It Only Is Someone

Orange Blosson It You Keep Moving You Warm Me Out

Pig Ok I Keep Moving

Narrator Pig Is Out The Water

Jake Let Get Dired

Narrator Jake And Tiger And Kipper Are Warm Out With The Towels

Pig Ah Much Better Are You Going To Swimming Jake

Jake Maybe Not Today

[At Night Luna Is Up]

Kipper There She Is

Mitten Fluff n Staff Hi Luna

Luna Hi Everyone So How Was Today

Jake Well We Go To The Seaside

Sofia The First But The Beach Is Cover With Snow

Peanut Big Top And Eat Ice Cream

Luna Really

Kipper Uh Huh We Look To The Coach

Jewel Sparkle Sing The Goodbye Song

Luna Sure Jewel

[Everyone Sing The Goodbye Song To Luna]

Peanut Big Top Bye Now

All Bye Bye

Jewel Sparkles I Love Ice Cream

Kipper This Is The Best Seaside Ever

All [Giggles]

The End

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