The Umbrella
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date September 12, 1997
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The Umbrella is the second episode of the first season.

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Kipper the dog series 1 Episode 2 The umbrella

Kipper the dog series 1 Episode 2 The umbrella


  • This episode was the first several things:
    • This episode marks is the first appearance of Tiger.
  • This episode was the last several things:
    • The last time Kipper talks like the british.
  • This ducks sound can be heard at Brain Pop Jr., Peppa Pig, Pinky Dinky Doo, Bad Dog, Max and Ruby and AFV.
  • On outside on this episode, Kipper was playing the umbrella to have little to no dialogue. 


  • This is the first time Kipper is playing the umbrella at outside.
  • Tiger has his own fishing rod when he's going fishing.
  • This is the first appearance of the ducks.


  • Tiger is not introduced properly in this episode.
  • Kipper has Tiger's blue phone and Tiger has Kipper's red phone.
  • When Kipper flies to the moon the sky is filled with stars, but when he gets to the moon all the stars disappear.
  • If Kipper had fallen head-first into the river, wouldn't he have gotten hurt?
  • In real life, an umbrella would never fly to the moon.
  • It's impossible for a crescent moon to be hung on and tipped over by Kipper because it's actually sphere.
  • The thunderstorm would've came towards Tiger, too.
  • It is also impossible Kipper to survive in space, because he yelled when he was falling down and he would've gotten killed since there's no oxygen.
  • During the final shot of Kipper playing the prop item, the umbrella flickers and flashes.
  • Kipper was missing his tooth when he's talking Tiger on the phone.
  • The moon is supposed to be big, but when Kipper flew to it with his umbrella, it was smaller than him.